upporting WPBT2 at the Donors of Distinction level is a community investment that produces rich cultural and educational rewards. You can help us build a lasting legacy of enlightenment that will touch the hearts and minds of thousands of children and adults throughout the community.

Donors of Distinction Exclusive Benefits:

  • Receive monthly on-air acknowledgment of your contribution.
  • Receive acknowledgement of your contribution in Exploring 2, our Semi-annual magazine offering an insider’s look at WPBT2.
  • Exclusive invitations to station special events and program previews.
  • WPBT2 Studio Tour
  • Receive WPBT2 weekly programming e-newsletter.
  • Receive WPBT2 Member Card for savings at South Florida local retailers and organizations
  • Free WPBT2 KidVision Club membership for your children, grandchildren or family members.
  • Plus your selection of an annual “Thank You” gift or donate 100% of your contribution to WPBT2.

Every contribution keeps public broadcasting independent, creative, and strong. Click here to become a Donor of Distinction.

To learn more about the Donors of Distinction program, please contact Armando Rodriguez at 305-424-4191 or by email at armando_rodriguez@wpbt.org.

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Donors of Distinction Levels

Chairman's Circle


Director's Circle


Producer's Circle


Studio Circle


Leadership Circle


Recognizing our Donors of Distinction

Leadership Circle
Studio Circle
Producer's Circle
Director's Circle
Chairman's Circle

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew L. Ansin

The Batchelor Foundation

The Batchelor Foundation

Irma & Norman Braman

Sidney & Estelle Brozen Charitable Trust

Leslie & Loretta Copeland Foundation

Estate of Lamar Louise Curry

Swanne & Paul DiMare

Fortin Foundation of Florida

The Eunice Joyce Gardiner Charitable Foundation

In Memory of Harriet Fagan

John S. & James L. Knight Foundation

Josephine S. Leiser Foundation, Inc.

Henri & Flore Lesieur Foundation

The Miami Foundation

Miller Family Foundation

Albert & Jane Nahmad

Peacock Foundation

The William J. & Tina Rosenberg Foundation

Ben Tobin Foundation, Inc.

Mr. & Mrs. Herb Tobin

Schmidt Family Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. Norman B. Tomlinson

Mr. & Mrs. Richard B. Wolf

The Sanford L. Ziff Family Foundation

Anthony R. Abraham Foundation

The Don Allen Foundation, Inc.

Fred Berens

Peter & Kerrin Bermont

Shepard Broad Foundation

The Emil Buehler Foundation, Inc.

Harvey & Roberta Chaplin

Do Unto Others Trust

Alfred Downes

George T. Elmore

Suzanne & Lawrence Fishman

Lydia Harrison

David & Francie Horvitz Family Foundation

Lola & Donald Jacobson

The Kathleen Kennedy Fund of the Ethel & W. George Kennedy Family Foundation, Inc.

David Kimmel Foundation

James W. Laird

The Lennar Foundation

Jan R. Lewis Philanthropic Fund & Mrs. Jan Lewis

Audrey Love Charitable Foundation

Joseph Reich

David & Marian Rocker

Laurie S. Silvers & Mitchell Rubenstein, Hollywood Media Corp.

Jacqueline Simkin

The Sydney, Milton & Leoma Simon Foundation

Estate of Joseph J. Snieg

George & Helen Weaver

Weinbach Group

Fay P. Aronson Trust

Annette Bauman

Joan & Irving Bolotin

Agnes L. Brown

Colin Brown

Harvey & Roberta Chaplin

Jacqueline Cocco

James J. Colt Foundation, Inc.

Mark W. Cook

Eric S. Copeland

Mrs. Irving Cypen

Mr. & Mrs. Theodore N. Danforth

The Dunspaugh-Dalton Foundation, Inc.

Olga Echevarria

Mr. & Mrs. José Pepe Fanjul

The Goldsmith Family Foundation

The Gulfstream Philanthropic Foundation

Anne E. Helliwell

Marian K. Herald

Mrs. Philip Hulitar

Susan & Larry Kahn

Mr. & Mrs. John E. Kirkpatrick

Jay I. Kislak

Dr. & Mrs. Robert Litowitz

The Litowitz Foundation, Inc.

Mr. & Mrs. Jack Lowell

Ralph Lutrin

The McIntosh Foundation

The William McKeehan Foundation

Oppenheimer Family Foundation

Pulvermacher Family Foundation

Rhoda Rubin Revocable Living Trust

Joseph S. & Louise B. Rumbaugh Fund of the Community Foundation of Broward

Joseph Weintraub Family Foundation, Inc.

F. Louis & May Jean Wolff Family Foundation

Ralph Albrecht, Jr.

Jorge Arguelles


Mr. & Mrs. Jose Attux

Mrs. Ruby M. Bacardi

Helen S. & Merrill L. Bank Foundation, Inc.

Mrs. Gloria Beck

Mr. & Mrs. Lou M. Bernstein

The Brunetti Foundation

Arthur Calace

Matt M. & Margaret L. Callihan

Robyne & Herbert L. Camp Charitable Foundation

The Carnival Foundation

Sol & Mitzi Center

Mr. & Mrs. William C. Cox

Mr. & Mrs. Shelby Davis

The Lowell S. & Betty L. Dunn Family Foundation, Inc.

Diego Duque

Florman Family Foundation

William L. Fortune, Jr. & Joseph D. Blakley

Friends of The Cultural Arts

Gary W. Green

Susan & Larry Hantman

G W Heck

Marion K. Herald

The Leighton Family

Lisa Letson

Scott & Wendy Link

Susan & Jack Loving

Mr. & Mrs. Jack Lowell

Norton Lyman

Marjorie A. Matheson

Shaw McCutcheon

Anna A. Moldrup Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. Jorge B. Muniz

Larry & Sandy Puckett

Dr. John Rappaport & Mrs. Marsha Soffer

John H. Rau Space Education Fund

Mrs. Charles C. Richardson

Mr. & Mrs. R. W. Roberts

Tony Rodriguez

Blanka Rosenstiel, Founder & President of the Chopin Foundation of the U.S.

Mr. & Mrs. Bruce G. Shaffner

Snook's Bayside Restaurant

Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Sonnenklar

The Stockton Group P.A. & Mr. Larry Stockton

Dr. & Mrs. Ernesto Valdes

Mrs. Julie Walters & Mr. Sam Rose

Mr. & Mrs. Theo W. Winsberg

For the entire list of Chairman's Circle members please check out the Exploring 2 magazine.