• Mary Tyler Moore
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  • Soul of the Elephant
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  • The Brain
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  • Love in Portofino
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  • Techversify
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WPBT2 is undergoing tower structural modifications and therefore has been required to move to an auxiliary antenna. Due to this change, some of our viewers may experience technical difficulty in reception during the upgrade process. The process should be completed in approximately two weeks. We appreciate your patience and support during this period in which we endeavor to improve our reception to bring an even better service to you, our viewers. If you were affected by this intermittent service, please be aware that many of our programs can be viewed at: http://video.wpbt.org

Your favorite WPBT2 programs are available online at video.wpbt2.org or through your Roku, Apple TV, or XBOX devices. You can also watch us on our Youtube channel. Check out PBS Anywhere for more information on how you can watch us.

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